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Why London?

Ellune Property Purchase in London – Why?

Are you interested in purchasing property in London? Simply finding a valuable property does not necessarily guarantee a good investment. Ellune Property Services gives you the opportunity to conclude your purchase in the best and most remunerative way. Consider why:

i. Reliable market research: market research is the foundation of a fine and profitable investment. But how can you be sure that the property you are interested in is indeed the best possible choice? A factor of compelling importance is the estate agent that you have approached; there is a great difference between real estate agencies and a Property Finding Company, such as Ellune Property Services.

Real estate agencies represent owners that wish to sale their properties. This means that buying proposals made to an investor or prospective buyer are limited to the properties each agency has engaged to sell. This of course does not mean that these properties aren’t noticeable; it is clear, however, that options are limited right from the beginning and, consequently, the buyer can’t be sure whether the property he purchases is indeed the most profitable possible option. Ellune Property Services, however, is not a real estate agency; it is a Property Finding Company. What is the difference?

Ellune is not acting for the interest of property owners by promoting their properties. Our company engages to locate properties on behalf of the buyers, without being constrained by a limited number that “must” be promoted in the market. Thus, our Company will explore the whole London market and examine every possible option with sole criterion the buyer’s interest, who is, after all, our client.

Ellune’s executives, with years of experience in London’s real estate market, are able to locate the property you seek, always driven by your wishes, your financial circumstances and, primarily, your interest. They won’t waste your time with real estate investment proposals that will not perform as expected. On the contrary, depending on your goals, they will recommend you the most noticeable investment options, the areas and property size that best suit your plans and budget and, finally, they will safely guide you to the optimal choice.

ii. Simplification and assurance of the purchase and resale process: through our partners, you may buy the property of your choice easily and safely, fully securing the credence of your investment. Ellune’s executives will bring off for you all the necessary contacts with solicitors, banks, loan companies etc. and fully inform you about the course of the proceedings.

iii. Making the most out of your property, with gains that surpass the average: Ellune Property Services gives you the opportunity to fully maximize right from the beginning the returns of your property, by providing integrated managing services and relieving you of any stress. Namely, our Company undertakes:

  • The optimal refurbishment of your property, according to your wishes and budget, which will increase its selling and renting value;
  • Letting your property with the best possible terms;
  • Property management, aiming to long-term and stable returns.

Do these services really contribute on maximizing investment profits? Consider the following evidence:

  • The purchase of a property in central London is de facto an excellent investment. With annual capital gain of 10% and rental yields that reach 3.5% to 4% (gross), very few property investments can be compared to those in central London.
  • Nevertheless, Ellune’s clients enjoy capital gains significantly higher than the already high average! Respectively, clients who trusted us with the management of their properties enjoy returns distinctly higher than the market’s average.

These data demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt the value of integrated property management and the unique opportunity offered to you by Ellune to enjoy a fruitful and safe investment venture.

Contact us and gain instant and reliable access to London’s real estate market.