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Lettings in Central London – Relocation Service

Lettings in Central London – Relocation Service

Are you interested in something different? Ellune is able to help you:

If, for any reason, none of our apartments suits you, there is no reason for you to spend your precious time and money by searching alone in the vast English capital.

Ellune Property Services is willing to help you find the apartment you’re looking for in the best possible price, easily, quickly and reliably.

  • Our executives will locate on your behalf apartments that cater to your needs and wants and will present to you the most notable of them, minimizing the time you ‘ll have to stay in London and the relevant expenses, stress and hardship.

Ellune executives are familiar with every London district and the city’s routine: transportation, safety, building fineness, distances, cost of living. Thus, they are capable of accurately evaluating each apartment and wisely guiding you in the correct choice, fully exploiting the money you are willing to give for rental.

  • Additionally, Ellune Property Services carefully checks the tenancy agreement, ensuring the best possible letting terms and preventing potential problems in your relationship with the owner.
  • Ellune services do not stop with the lease of the apartment: on the contrary, we will stand by you for as long as you stay in London, assisting you with any problem that might arise regarding the apartment or your relationship with the managers – owners.
  • Finally, via Ellune, you are able to find the apartment you dream of from the comfort of your home, saving both valuable time and travel expenses.

With a charge equal to just one month’s rent (minimum charge £1.000) you secure the best possible choice, without hassle and stress, combined with the assurance of our support throughout your stay in England, with no extra charge.

It should be noted that, in case you choose one of Ellune’s apartments, you won’t have to pay an agent fee at all.

Contact us by phone or Internet and find instantly your own people in London.