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Property Refurbishment Services in London

Property Refurbishment Services in London

The purchase of a valuable property in central London is the basis of a successful investment. However, landlords are able to significantly raise the value of their properties, thus generating considerably greater profits and increasing their investment’s capital gain.

The best way to do that is a partial or complete refurbishment of the property. Refurbishments provide:

  • much better resale prices;
  • potentially higher rents;
  • increased rental demand;
  • High quality tenants and, consequently, harmonious and honest leasing relationships.

Ellune Property Services is capable of refurbishing your property in the best and most profitable way. Consider why:

1. Our company boasts 10 years of valuable experience in property renovations in central London. Its profound hindsight entails a wide network of trusting relationships and close cooperation with refurbishment professionals, such as engineers, architects, decorators, skilled technicians, suppliers of building materials etc., ensuring and combining fine renovation quality and relatively low cost.

There are various kinds of refurbishments, all targeting to different goals. You are probably looking for a renovation that will raise your property’s value as well as your gains from its letting or resale.

Ellune Property Services is specialized in exactly this kind of refurbishments, putting its precious experience at the service of its clients. Ellune is not a construction company that simply implements a building project. It is a valuable and reliable partner who guides the landlord to the most advantageous and profitable options regarding building materials and their quality, the layout and decoration etc., factors of great importance in renting and selling flats in London.

3. Many real estate agencies undertaking property refurbishments simply assign the project to a contractor, whom they supervise during the project’s implementation. In this case, however, the owner is burdened with the fees of both the constructor’s work and the agency’s service. In Ellune Property Services things are rather different.

Our company is in no need of hiring a contractor; it is the contractor. Thus, the whole project’s supervision is more direct than ever, ensuring technical work of the highest quality and the lowest feasible cost for the owner, avoiding middlemen and unnecessary expenses.

4. Our company provides a 12-month warranty for every refurbishment project and a 36-month warranty in case of undertaking both the renovation and the consequent management of a property. This means that the landlord – client has zero maintenance costs for the next 3 years!

5. The vast majority of our clients choose Ellune’s services for one more equally important reason: their property’s refurbishment won’t require their presence in London. They are confident that everything will be performed in the best and most economical way, without the stress and expenses of constant travelling and incessant meetings with technicians, architects, contractors etc.

The benefits of working with Ellune Property Services are manifold.

Would you be interested in seeing close up some of our previous refurbishment projects? Check now some of the apartments we have recently refurbished and verify each project’s quality as well as our client’s gratification.